The Steeds
Family of T. Joseph Steed Home of T. Joseph Steed
Steed Home in Syracuse, Utah (Built in 1902)

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In 1902 the large home on the Syracuse farm was completed. T. Joseph tells that the rocks for the foundation were hauled from Farmington, one load a day. The orange-red brick came from Kaysville. He and Louise occupied the home in 1928, and 8 children later, the house did not seem big enough.

Louise relates of those early years: "It was the beginning of the depression and money was very scarce, so most of the high ceiling rooms were left bare. We furnished the large back kitchen, south living room and converted our little kitchen into a bedroom. The rest of the house echoed when the wind rattled the transoms. I was almost afraid to be alone for an evening. As the years sped quickly along, the creaking emptiness of the rooms changed with the romping of little feet up and down the stairs, and the wind sounds were drowned out with the cries and laughter of children at their play. And we wondered what we would have done with one square foot less."
Thanks to all who helped put together a terrific 2011 Steed Farm reunion!.

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